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Kostroma Valeriy, born in 1990, lives in the village of Novomykolayivka, Odessa region, with his wife and 9-month-old daughter.

Valery is a mechanic, an electrician, he did all the work well, because with his own hands, putting a piece of the soul.

But one day a big trouble happened, which completely changed the young man's life. On June 1, 20, a young man lost his limb.

During working hours, during the repair of the car, the supports on which he stood could not stand and fell on Valeria's arm, as a result, he received a lot of fractures and incomplete traumatic amputation of the right upper limb. Valery lost a lot of blood, underwent 6 complex operations. It takes a lot of time and money for a hand to recover.

The financial opportunities of the family and relatives are exhausted. It is necessary to save the guy's hand and without the help of caring, good people it is not possible.

Doctors plan 4 more expensive expensive operations. It all costs a lot of money, surgery and post-operative rehabilitation.

What do you dream about? The young man Valery dreams of a full life, without pain and surgery, dreams of taking a little daughter in his arms, dreams of returning to his favorite thing.

These dreams can only come true thanks to us and you.

Help save the young man's golden hands. We believe in the mercy, indifference and involvement of good people.

Together with Valeriy's family we ask all of you, Dear Benefactors, for help! We can save the young man's hand! We believe in it and believe in you and your good hearts!

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